Ka-Ching: New Jersey Settles with Attorney Arrested for Remaining Silent

Back in 2015, Rebecca Musarra was stopped for speeding in Warren County, New Jersey. Musarra refused to talk to the state trooper, although she complied with his requests to produce her license and registration. The trooper, a young idiot named Stazzone, didn’t like that, so he told her she had to answer his questions or she would be arrested for obstruction.

As I pointed out in my Fault Lines article, that’s BS and Musarra, an attorney, knew that. So she refused to answer and the idiot arrested her, and when arresting her, read her a Miranda warning.

You know, the warning that starts out:

You have the right to remain silent.

Yeah, that one.

I pointed out the irony, but Musarra still sued, even after the supervisor released her without charge, waived the impound fees, and apologized.

Even the guys at PoliceOne.com knew this was going to be a loser for the state.

The State of New Jersey apparently agreed, settling the federal lawsuit for $30,000, but admitting no wrong-doing. Even after the State admitted that the troopers were given additional training following the Internal Affairs complaint. Yeah, we know what that means. It means that the troopers messed up and it was just a question of how much the state was going to pay.

About $30,000.