Police Don’t Care About Your Politics When Bullets are Flying

Yesterday, a socialist nut job* took a carbine and a pistol to a ballpark in Alexandria, Virginia and began to shoot Republican Congress critters who were practicing for the annual charity baseball game. That nut job shot a right-wing, anti-LGBT congressman, Rep. Steve Scales of Louisiana and three others, before he was shot and killed by responding officers.

Many of those present noted that had it not been for the actions of the three Capitol Police special agents who were present as part of Rep. Scales protective detail, it would have been a bloodbath. Two of the agents, Crystal Griner and David Bailey are both African-American. Henry Cabrera appears to be Hispanic. Griner was shot in the ankle, Bailey suffered minor injuries, and Cabrera was unhurt. Griner is also a lesbian, married to Tiffany Dyar, in a same-sex marriage opposed by Rep. Scales. All of these demographics are traditionally Democratic, not Republican.

It is clear to all that the actions of the three agents saved lives. Cabrera immediately engaged the shooter with his pistol at a distance of about 50-70 yards. Most police officers train at a maximum distance of 25 yards and shots of 70 yards are considered exceptional with a pistol, while with a carbine like the shooter had, 70-100 yard shots are a piece of cake, even with iron sights. But Cabrera was able to keep the nut job pinned down and focused on the agents instead of the Congress critters. Bailey and Griner charged out onto the field, to protect the people still out there. On witness reported hearing a female officer yelling at the shooter to drop the gun just before she got shot.

I’ve written about this before, and I will likely write about this again. Police officer’s run towards gunfire while everyone else is running away. It’s what they do. And these agents did what they needed to do to protect people who were in danger. Even when those people had political views that they may not have agreed with.

It’s not just here, either. It’s happened before. When five Dallas officers were shot and killed at a BLM march, officers put themselves between the area the shots were coming from and the citizens that they were trying to protect. They knew that their vests would not stop rifle rounds, that if shot, they would go down. But they still put themselves in-between the shooter and the public that they were protecting.

Think about it. Most cops do not like BLM, and many actively dislike it—but they still went out of their way to protect those who they disagreed with. I don’t begin to claim that I know where Griner falls on the political spectrum, other than to assume that she doesn’t agree with Rep. Scales on same-sex marriage. Yet she still moved to the sound of gunfire to protect him and others.

As for the baseball game? The first pitch was thrown out by Agent Bailey, on crutches.†

*While it is known who the nut job is, I’m not going to dignify him by using his name.

†The Democrats won, again. They’ve won eight of the last ten.