The Death of “Fault Lines” and the Birth of “Lex Ferenda: How the Law should be”

I had an amazing opportunity for two years to write for Fault Lines, an ABA Top 100 Blawg for both years of its existence. Overall, there were over thirty of us who wrote for Fault Lines during that time, and we all had different perspectives. We had three federal judges, we had public defenders, we had criminal defense lawyers, and we had prosecutors. We had two police officers, or at least one current officer and one former officer. And we had Scott Greenfield, our managing editor, who had the thankless job of keeping all of us on point and on time. His job was a lot like herding cats, but he did an exceedingly good job of it.

But Fault Lines ended, and I like to write so I have to come up with something new to do. So I’m starting my own blawg, and since I have pretensions of grandeur, I misused the Latin that I don’t actually speak to create “Lex Ferenda” * — where I intend to discuss how I think the law should actually work, in addition to covering the how and why that certain things happen on the street.

I’m certain that I’m going to piss people off. Probably a lot of people. They can either get over it or not read my blawg. This is for me, not for them. That also means that I’ll write when I feel like it, so there may be multiple posts in a day, or none for several weeks.

* “Lex Ferenda” actually means “future law” but I’m going to take some liberty with it and use it to describe how the law should be.


3 thoughts on “The Death of “Fault Lines” and the Birth of “Lex Ferenda: How the Law should be”

  1. Glad to have found your new home. You were my favorite writer on Fault Lines — looking forward to more!


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